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Trias East Africa

Trias boasts over 35 years of experience enhancing organizations representing family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs in Tanzania and Uganda. With a dynamic team of over 30 professionals based in offices in Kampala and Arusha, we blend young, senior, national, and expat expertise from both non-profit and private sectors. Our team members serve as process facilitators, thematic advisors, brokers, networkers, change agents, and policy influencers. Our work aligns with national priorities outlined in Uganda Vision 2040 and Tanzania Vision 2025, along with their associated strategies and regional interpretations.

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What we do

We specialise in the empowerment of member-based organisations of family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs so that they can act as powerful catalysts for social and economic change towards an equitable economy and a just society.

We have a proven track record in leadership, inclusion, microfinance, membership engagement, lobbying, advocacy, agro-enterprise, and value chain development. Our partners operate in various value chains, including honey, maize, rice, potatoes, soybeans, garlic, sesame, spices, vegetables, fruits, poultry, dairy products, confectionery, textiles, and metal fabrication.


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Current projects


In the spotlight

Discover Joakim’s remarkable journey from unemployment to entrepreneurship amidst Uganda’s lockdowns, where his unwavering determination and support from USSIA propelled his leather bag-making business to flourish, inspiring empowerment and communal upliftment within his community.

From Redundancy to Bag Manufacturing Success

Our Stories

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    Trias Annual Partner Awards 2023

    Trias Tanzania recently concluded its internal voting process to honor organizations that have excelled in various categories within its programmes in Tanzania

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    Climate Resilience Symposium

    On June 14th, 2023 Trias East Africa hosted the MBOs Climate Resilience Symposium in a bid to drive collective action for environmental stewardship.

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    Learning Event

    Creating an enabling environment for private sector development: Opportunities and Challenges

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